An Experience

The Hani of Ibrahim is a historical building complex in Paphos, Cyprus that was built around 1860 as a lodge for travelers.

Meet the Hani

The complex was one of three hanias (lodges) in Paphos and provided accommodation for travelers arriving on horseback, cart, or foot from province to province.

Taste of Cyprus

Today, the complex has been renovated and restored to its former glory and is now used as a cultural and educational center, hosting store, exhibitions, lectures, and events.

More Information

This website provides information on the Hani of Ibrahim, also known as Ibrahim’s Khan, which is a historic area located in Paphos, Cyprus. This website is an initiative of a team of experienced engineers (Tarobits), and it aims to provide visitors with a better understanding of the area’s history and significance. It’s worth noting that the website is not affiliated with any governmental organization or local authority.

About Hani of Ibrahim

The Hani of Ibrahim in Paphos was a hotel that was previously used as a gathering place for traders and peddlers traveling between provinces. After being abandoned, it was transformed into workshops, and recently it has been restored with contemporary architectural features accentuating the old brickwork. The restored area and some adjacent ones are used as studios, galleries, and artists’ workshops, which are located around the historic area of hanias (lodges) in the central region and across Paphos, and they open their doors to the public. Currently, there is a modern Mediterranean restaurant called “Honey” located in the Hani of Ibrahim, which offers a variety of dishes such as octopus saganaki and lamb chops in a Mediterranean bread crust.



Constantinou Kanari 40, 8020 Paphos, Cyprus

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Bus Routes

Services run every 10 minutes in each direction (from and to Paphos City Center) Monday to Sunday. For more detailed information please visit www.pafosbuses.com.


Today, the Hani of Ibrahim hosts workshops and studios for artists, galleries, a contemporary restaurant, and a night bar. The restoration of Hani of Ibrahim was carried out as part of the Paphos 2017 development project, which aims to promote more active involvement for residents and visitors to the city in the Capital of Culture project. Overall, Hani of Ibrahim is a vibrant cultural center that offers a range of artistic and culinary experiences in a historic setting